Artist Fabu Intiatives
“I want to put poetry in unusual places and spaces"

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A Place At The Table (APAT)
A Place At The Table (APAT) is composed of women artists, full of faith, from a variety of artistic genres who meet to create and to ensure that multicultural voices are heard in writing, painting, jewelry making and dance.
The Capital City Hues: The Poetic Tongues
Elementary poets can send poems on any subject to be published. Parent or Teacher permission needed. Photographer will come to the school for photo. Published quarterly.
Poet Fabu in Wisconsin
Traveling Poetry Exhibition, 2014 & 2015 and this article attached by Karin Wolf
The Artistic Salon
Innovative project to bring arts to the South
Madison Harambee Center.

Poets are encourage to contact Fabu at to have their poems published in one of these Media.

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