Fabu Phillis Carter, professionally known as Fabu, was appointed Madison’s Poet Laureate in 2008 and served in that position until 2011. She was chosen for this honorary position by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and voted in to office by The Madison Arts Commission in recognition of her years as a major figure in Madison’s literary arts movement. Fabu was also selected because of the inspiration she has provided for more than 20 years in poetry, reading and writing to school children, women and the African American communities. She is multicultural in perspective and encourages adults and children to write in many languages.

In Fabu’s presentations to school children, she encourages their creativity, supports their efforts to write and has specifically designed innovative curriculum to strengthen their learning abilities. Through her work with children over the years, she realized there were many age-related themes that might be used to help inspire all children to begin writing about their own thoughts and dreams.

Because of those experiences, Fabu recently published her new children’s book, Poems, Dreams and Roses -- a compilation of poems. Fabu began writing at the age of 11 and has continued to create poetry throughout her adult life. The poems for the book were chosen because they are both relevant and inspirational to children and youth as they go through their own stages of growing up.

Fabu holds a double Masters from the University of Wisconsin – in African Languages and Literature and African-American Studies. In addition, she has spent time in Kenya and The University of Nairobi Press will publish her new book, In Our Own Tongues in 2011, and Parallel Press in Madison will publish African-American Life in Haiku: Journey to the Midwest in 2011.

She is a guest lecturer, leads workshops, provides enchanting storytelling for children and poetry readings, participates in community and international celebrations, writes guest poetry columns for local publications and upon requests, creates commissioned poems. Fabu is also a founding member of The Hibiscus Collective, a group of Madison women writers from multi-cultures who write from their own unique perspectives in order for their particular voices to be heard. Finally, she is also a guest columnist for The Capital Times and The Capital City Hues. For more information about her books and where they are sold, how to schedule a presentation or to contact Fabu directly, visit her website at: www.artistfabu.com.